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This course will focus on the multiple uses of Google Sheets and how teachers can incorporate it into their classroom in order to improve student learning and assessment in instruction. We will not only cover the basics involved in Google Sheets, but we will also target specific add-ons in order to increase productivity, student learning and assessment in instruction. By using Sheets, teachers will be able to create and share engaging lessons, and students will be able to automatically turn in their assignments online. Teachers will also be able to create online quizzes, and then automatically grade and email their students their scores and a personalized message. They will also be able to track student progress and send automated emails if students are missing any work.

If you are interested in other Google Applications, please check out our full Google Tools for Education course,

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pre Course Survey

    • Pre Course Survey

  • 2

    Google Sheets

    • Google Sheets Overview

    • Google Sheets Overview: Transcript

    • Google Sheets Overview: Sample

    • Google Sheets Overview: Discussion

    • Google Sheets Add-Ons

    • Google Sheets Add-Ons: Transcript

    • Google Sheets Add-Ons: Sample

    • Google Sheets Add-Ons: Discussion

    • Google Sheets Lesson

    • Google Sheets Lesson: Transcript

    • Google Sheets Lesson: Sample

    • Module 4 Assignment

  • 3

    End of Course

    • Post Course Survey

    • End of Course